While Tenacious D revel in the power of the Pick of Destiny; a similar impact has been found in the word ‘Home’. Sure, it is not an uncommon word but in the last three years, three artists have produced three tingling tunes all titled ‘Home’ (or ‘At Home). Actually, if I had been more aware and stayed up-to-date, this discovery would have been made in the space of a year.

So what makes these tunes so special? They have a feel-good factor that is often so symbolic of home and everything that makes us feel at home. Although Crystal Fighter’s ‘At Home’ doesn’t quite have the same jovial tone that Ed Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero’s and LCD Soundsystem’s offerings, it is more than made up for by vocals resembling that of a forgiving choir.

If Crystal Fighter’s tune portrays the appreciative feeling of being at home, ESATMZ’s ‘Home’ conveys irrepressible joy. This is reflected by the kind of mid-song whistle that only those with enviable elation can carry off. And to top it off, there’s even a cute little story near the end just in case your upside-down smile has yet to be flipped.

And what of LCD’s epic number? It’s a very good number and at seven minutes fifty-three seconds long, there should be plenty of progression, transition and development. After a minimalist beginning, layers are slowly added whilst the drums morph and weave. After a minute and twenty seconds of build-up, vocals are finally added.

The tune isn’t terribly slow, but certainly deliberate which makes it seem shorter than it actually is. Unlike the former offerings, LCD’s ‘Home’ is explicitly homely feeling, at first. It doesn’t have the overtly joyous twang of ESATMZ’s ‘Home’ or the poignant nature of CF’s home. LCD’s home sounds like a solitary place where you can bop and bounce to some liquefying loops.

Actually, if you listen to the lyrics carefully, I imagine this is what we’d be listening after a year in alien captivity.

Other tunes of note containing the word home:

  • The Clash – Safe European Home
  • The Chemical Brothers – Leave Home
  • Manu Chao – Homens
  • Feeder – Home for Summer
  • Kano – Home Sweet Home
  • Lucero – Coming Home