With the thin blue line
Set in the distance and a
Golden blaze
Bursting from it,
Flickering and shifting, the
Birth of rolling
Shadows form, eventually
Folding into itself before
Fusing into a thousand
Fingers reaching for
Something solid. They
Try to hold on but
The thin blue line
Pulls them back.
Keen eyes and
Cautious feet
Flock to see
The Spectacle, sympathising
And sometimes
For the fingers to
Catch them. Sympathy
Turns to action as the
Hungry fingers are fed.
They appreciate these
Offerings and after
Several months of
Care, a gift is returned.
The donations have been
Pruned to fit smoothly
In curious hands. Sometimes
Pruned so extensively, the
Colour of the heart is
Revealed. A heart still cold.
Still unforgiving.