Slow Club – Shipwright’s Yard (Alternative Escape)

With a late-night show at Coalition on Saturday, this was the lazy sun-soaked gig just to get the folk senses flowing. Despite being set in what looks like somebody’s back-garden, the venue was full (although as part of the Alternative Escape, it was free to get in). The venue wasn’t ideal though because the stage was enclosed causing sound to bounce around the band’s and people at the left definitely had a better view of what was happening on-stage. But for every con, there’s a pro. For example, the absence of barriers means that you can get as close you dare and Slow Club had to carry their equipment through a small section of the crowd – which some infatuated fans took full advantage of. The set-list was short but varied, mixing tracks from both albums while throwing in an unreleased tune for good measure. And despite being around for some time without really fully taking off, Rebecca had the confidence to sing Happy Birthday to a friend (with the crowd keen to join in).

My Best Fiend – Digital

Much like the purgatory subject matter of the tracks, My Best Fiend have received a mixed reception hovering between celestial tones and comparisons to Spiritualized. The composition, however, suffers no such qualms as the guitars and keys were meshed together by the purposeful drums. But while some of the tunes are undeniably appealing, the lyrics about faith and its many problems probably carry more weight across the pond.

Fiction – Green Door Store

With Disclosure and College on later that night, the Green Door Store maxed its capacity very quickly. But if people haven’t heard much Fiction before, they were in for a treat! The catchy afro-pop beats are flecked by quirky indie melodies to create a sound that makes you dance the night away. They simply don’t make generic indie pop though because while ‘Big Things’ got the crowd bopping around like early Mystery Jets tunes, ‘Parakeets’ mixes a guitar-driven Yeasayer sound with Talking Heads vocals. Although some of their tracks are short and snappy, they’re not afraid to experiment at will either and it will be fun to watch the band rise in the same manner that The Strokes did.

Disclosure – Green Door Store

With a family heaved in musical knowledge (their parents have studies music academically) it’s no surprise that Guy and Howard Lawrence are one of the youngest recognised electronic artists around at the moment. Howard had turned eighteen that day for what was their first Brighton gig and they were treated to an electric reception as bass was flung all over the room. The brothers were completely unfazed though as they bounced around their equipment messing about with effects, switching from bass to synth and just generally enjoying themselves. With memorable tunes such as ‘Tenderly’ and’ Carnival’ already in the bag, there’s going to be a lot more bass-heavy 2-step tunes to come in the next ten years, at least!