Seams – Corn Exchange

It’s not often you get a whole night of bass-thumping dance music pounding through the walls of Corn Exchange (and probably into Brighton Dome). Seams was one of the first producers to show his hand with his new dance-floor orientated direction. But the same old Seams’ style was prevalent; chopped-up samples, 8-bit synths and vaporous vocals were all evident. It’s still not quite the feet-stomping sound that gathers hordes of shape-throwing arms but the composition is still structurally considered. Jami Welch (real name) doesn’t just chuck sounds at you; he leads you in gently before caressing your eager ears with its elegant bass.

Madeon – Corn Exchange

At the tender age of seventeen, Madeon quickly garnered a popular following for remixing tunes such as Pendulum’s ‘The Island’ and Deadmau5’s ‘Raise Your Weapon’. It’s hard to imagine that this young prodigy played his first live performance just over a year ago in his native country France. But when you see him dramatically twisting knobs, tapping away at his Novation Launchpad and jumping about whenever his hands were free, you’d think Madeon has been in the electronic music industry for years – confidence just is not lacking. The set-list was definitely well-received too as limbs moved to the beat of familiar remixes such as Daft Punk’s ‘Aerodynamic’ as well as his lesser known ones like Blur’s ‘Song 2’.