Tanlines – Digital

The dark underground venue is better known for pumping out bass-heavy dance tunes in the early hours in the morning so it was interesting to see how Tanlines’ crisp production translated through Digital’s Funktion-Ones. Quite early on, Jesse Cohen declared that the duo had been up for 24 hours and that this was the angriest he’s played before he proceeds to thump the drums harder still – a testament to their commitment in producing and playing good music. Most people who came to see Tanlines were probably excited to see Cohen pawing away at his bongos; instead we were presented with a set of measly digital ones for which Jesse apologises for, “It’s times like this I wish I brought my good bongos.” As with many of the sets being played throughout the festival weekend, it was too short. But Tanlines’ dedication to music is there for all to see as they ask to outstay their timeslot.

We Were Evergreen – Komedia Studio Bar

Despite looking like the nicest, most charming trio from France and playing children’s instruments such as the ukulele and xylophone, Evergreen have an endearingly energetic stage presence that is dangerously infectious – this was helped by the intimate setting of Komedia’s Studio Bar as well as Michael and William sharing drums. They seem to provide an experience that can turn anybody’s frown upside-down as they sing unashamedly of penguins and moonboots.  So as everybody’s bouncing away to their simple but tight compositions, everybody’s reminiscing of the careless days of childhood – we all wish we were evergreen.

Mystery Jets – Corn Exchange

For what is one of the biggest acts of the weekend, the crowd that filed in to see the Mystery Jets seemed indifferent, even though they’ve just released a new album. Things were not helped by feedback coming through the speakers several times during the first few tracks. The atmosphere was just lacking in general and it took “Young Love” followed by “Two Doors Down” to really get the crowd buzzing and singing away – even if it did take a bit of beckoning at times. Perhaps everyone was tired after what was a long first day or that most of the people there only had a passing interest in the Jets but the gig just wasn’t memorable and the venue suddenly became quarter-empty before they came back for an encore.