People have always wondered what links Kieran Hebden (the brains behind Four Tet) with Kathryn Bint’s One Little Plane, but sonically, the influences are there for all to hear.

This is her second full-length album and you can expect more of that wistful, dreamy sound while the composition has been tightened as Kathryn’s songwriting has developed – it’s been four years since the release of her debut LP. Kathryn is able to vary her vocals with ease – ‘She Was Out In The Water has an Alela Diane quality to it but in ‘Hold You Down’, she sounds as if she’s going to break down at any moment before Colin Greenwood’s bass (Radiohead) lures her back for another line.

‘Bloom’ offers something a little different and more effects-driven yet fantastically minimal. With the sound of reverberating samples looping over each other that create a delicately spiritual sound while Bint delivers words to suit the sound: “we will stay here until we bloom.” But One Little Plane isn’t all about serenity. The drum-heavy, distortion-laden ‘I Know’ seems as if it might not fit in with the rest of the album and in essence, it doesn’t, but Kathryn’s vocals manages to pull the track together before it all becomes anti-folk towards the end.

The final track ‘Synthesizer’ epitomises the album in just over four minutes. Supple, progressive and thoroughly enjoyable.

‘Four years out might seem like a long time but it means that Into The Trees has developed into a wonderfully balanced album. Also, how nice is it of Kathryn to upload her entire album to SoundCloud!