Bright Moments is the work of highly-regarded multi-instrumentalist, Kelly Pratt, who has worked with the likes of Beirut, LCD Soundsystem, The Coldplay, The Maccabees and Arcade Fire. For most of his career, artists have called upon his talents and ask him to tour with them usually playing an array of brass instruments. So after years of being a musical mercenary, Kelly decided to pursue his own ambitions where he wasn’t restricted by tour schedules and other commitments. Step forward Natives.

Being a brass player who is comfortable with the flugelhorn – a sound that is synonymous with Beirut – and having worked with Zach Condon for several years, it is not surprise that the sound of Bright Moments immediately evokes the same tones and textures that emanate from Beirut. Even the vocals have the same qualities that Zach produces.

However, this isn’t some Beirut replica. It’s obvious Kelly appreciates the worldly sound of Beirut, but the nature of multi-instrumentalists means he enjoys a variety of noises. He displays his electronical desires in ‘Behind the Gun’ which has a funky, synth-driven beat that the 80s would be more familiar with.

‘Travelling Light’ seems him bring the organic and digital together with a sound that combines worldly-folk, satisfying-pop and appealing warped bleeps. If Kelly is still finding his songwriting-feet, ‘Travelling Light’ is definitely the direction he should take.