This is the section dedicated to giving artists and tunes a little bit more love. Not because they need it, but because it’s boring listening to the same three chords reverberate around your skull like a bouncy ball. And also because the radio sometimes gets it wrong.

Slow Club

As a massive folk fan, it still baffles me that Slow Club have yet to really take off and become a popular band. They have everything they need to break into the mainstream, two pretty faces the album cover, an infectious sound that is carried well by Rebecca’s vocals and some meaningful (but sometimes sinister) lyrics to boot. Ok, so they may not be up with Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan, but seriously, who is? And although they do have an indie-streak to them, the music is definitely more pop-orientated.

‘It Doesn’t Always Have To Be Beautiful’ is particular accessible and jovial despite it being a song about a relationship gone sour. And then you have endearingly charming tunes like ‘Because We’re Dead’ as the chorus rings: “Don’t you ever wonder/Who’s living in that house/It’s too small for people/We all said/But there’s people in the floorboards said the mouse”. It’s always nice when artists can write lyrics that don’t have to rhyme on every single line, especially because by trying to conform to a rhyming pattern you are then limiting your choice of words and therefore might not be choosing a word that suits the message most. When Slow Club do decide to add a rhyme though, it doesn’t jar and is wonderfully poetic: “Come on youth, don’t give in/Like the very last bowling pin”

But if you’re not a massive fan of folk-pop then the second album’s (Paradise) more polished and developed sound might tickle you more. Paradise also allows Rebecca to take more vocal responsibility too, but while there’s no doubting that she has better texture in her voice, she made an excellent vocal partnership with Charles in Yeah So as their differing frequencies seemed to weave together. And they also have an array of warming B-Sides and EPs.

I know not all folk fans will like Slow Club because it doesn’t always have the warm country tone that Dylan and Cash have and it doesn’t do anything particular differently like Alela Diane. But they do have a charm and a lure that is just irresistible.