Regal Safari are a Brighton-based electronic duo whose ears are clearly tuned for atmospheric ambience. Everyone knows Brighton has a big and dedicated music scene but – as you may have noticed from the reviews of Adolescent and Tourist – the place seems to be brewing a load of talented producers at the moment.

This self-titled EP is the first of their own produced material so far as they’ve previously been remixing tunes like Crystal Fighter’s ‘Champion Sound’ and Seams’ ‘Hung Markets’. And the first sounds are promising. It begins with a chilled, downtempo beat in ‘Light’ before ‘Lake’ amps up the atmosphere at bit. But what makes Regal Safari such an intriguing listen is the progression. The change of beat is often seamless and the mini-break in ‘Only’ is just tantalisingly addictive. ‘Marian’ is probably the most smile-inducing track on the EP though as the crisp melodies bounce along and the irregular percussive work adds a discreet dynamic to it.

It’ll be interesting to see where Regal Safari take their sound because it’s obvious they are still experimenting – as they should be at this early stage of their auditory careers – but some of the soundscapes already created yearn to be replayed. You should also check out some of their videos because their visual artist Jozef Yvans plays quite a significant within Regal Safari.