I don’t know about the rest of the world but the weather in the UK has been dire recently. We even had a top flight football match postponed last weekend! Sure, maybe if it was February but this is August and our little, damp toes just aren’t happy. Usually, when the summer hasn’t been particularly fruitful, you expect the climate to be kinder towards the latter months of August and September but that doesn’t seemed t have happened this year – anyone remember that crazy week of sun in October last year!

But that’s enough complaining about the weather because David Alexander AKA Summer Heart has probably experienced much worse in his hometown of Malmo, Sweden. You probably find it strange that this Swede knows what a dreamy summer backed by a chillwave soundtrack feels like. Not only that, but he knows exactly what the (usually) pleasant months of June and July sound like too. There’s no doubt that About A Feeling would have been perfect for those lazy days at the beach but it is equally as good as extending our summer when nature just gave up.

It opens with the swirling psychedelic ‘Rusty Scars’ which is quite heavy on effects and filtered vocals. ‘I Wanna Go’ is much gentler and guitar-based comparison although the vocals are still processed to an almost indistinguishable level but all of this is fairly standard for something of this genre. The rest of the album follows suit and may seem slightly one-dimensional to some ears but this actually works well for the sound of the LP because the tracks merge into one long romantic summer. And let’s face it, when was the last time the UK has a decent summer but who said its soundtrack couldn’t be.