If you haven’t heard of Smashing Pumpkins before, I’d suggest you get down to the record store and grab yourself a copy of Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. Not only are they one of those bands you have to know but it’s also one of those albums you have to own. I say this being Stumbleine comes from a track on the second of disc of that Pumpkins’ album.

But you if do know your pumpkins from your squashes then you might be wondering where the similarities are. On the surface, both appear different but beneath the skin you will notice likeness in colour, tone and texture. Ultimately though, Stumbleine are slightly more vibrant (and electronically produced).

On their SoundCloud page, some of their tunes are classified under the tag of glo-fi, otherwise known as chillwave, but their choice of lexis is more apt – Stumbleine’s considered sampling and processed melodies really do create an aura. You get carried on this ethereal cloud floating through forgotten memories wondering where the next destination may be. It’s why so many people are attracted to the dreamy genre and Stumbleine have made a considerable contribution, not just in quantity but in quality too.

I wasn’t really sure which track or EP to share with you because I don’t really have a favourite yet. You should just check out their SoundCloud or Bandcamp because there’s plenty of material to check out. And apparently, it’s cool to know all their pre-debut LP (Spiderwebbed) material before it’s even released on 29th October.