It’s no secret that major record labels have been stifling musicians with unnecessary money-making schemes that most bona fide artists simply don’t give a shit about. If you really care about the message you are writing, you don’t usually worry about whether you’re going to be paid for it. This ideology stretches beyond Art too. Bill Gates has been spending his spare time developing efficient sanitation systems for the third world whilst Nikola Tesla spoke of his desire to supply the world with free energy: “All peoples everywhere should have free energy sources […] Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world’s machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other of the common fuels.”

So when Death Grips unofficially released their latest LP to the world, few would have had sympathy with Epic Records who are clearly frustrated at the sight of money draining from the holes in their oversized pockets. But Death Grips aren’t the first to release material for free. Radiohead shocked the industry with its free download of In Rainbows and there are many more gems out there from artists of all sizes and reputations.

Here’s a small collection of what’s out there but you should definitely have a look around for any other treasures that might be lying about.

Shores – Leavening


RBPGV – Die Young


Digital Antique – II

I just found this and it is definitely going to get reviewed at some point. Unfortunately, it’s actually only four tracks of what appears to be a very good album.


Chromatics – Kill For Love


One Little Plane – Into The Trees