All We Are are a three-piece from Liverpool who have been making soundwaves across the country with their blend of moody psych-folk. They are comprised of Richard O’ Flynn (lead vocals, drums), Guro Gikling (lead vocals, bass) and Luis Santos (guitar, vocals). Their male/female vocal set-up has drawn comparisons with the XX while their tones are rich in depth and ominously atmospheric. They formed in the summer of 2011 and had an EU tour booked before the band had even settled so it was a rush job to write a set; the tour was a success.

What are your major influences?

Musically, we all listen to different things and that’s what gives us our sound. General influences include coffee and coffee.

Lots of late nights and hard work then…
What are you listening to now?

We’re listening to the Dirty Projectors’ new album a lot at the moment; it’s wonderful. Also ever present are Big Brother And The Holding Company… amongst others…

Who would you like to support?

Dirty Projectors.  Again wonderful.

Have you noticed any developments as a band since you started?

We’ve all become more competent at our instruments as we all started playing different things when we started the band. We’re also always influenced by new music. In all, we’re constantly developing our sound.

When are you planning a debut launch?

Well we just launched our second EP called We Hunt on Payper Tiger records in May. It’s done really well and given us a great platform to build upon. At the moment we’re working on our debut album. This will be out next year we reckon. It’ll be a corker…

From the acclaim the fantastic We Hunt has already received, we have no doubt!
Where do you see yourselves in three years time?

The sole survivors of the impending apocalypse. We’re going to live on a mountain in Norway….you can come if you like and bring medical supplies.

Well that explains the dark, atmospheric tones while the idyllic mountain in Norway is reflective of your harmonies. Thanks for talking to us. Rainbow Coloured Clouds seems to cover more folk than anything else and we can’t wait for the album to drop.

Check out their SoundCloud for more folky goodness.