If play counts are calculated by each individual click (rather than by IP addresses), then I’ve contributed to 500 out of the 1000 plays ‘Purge Your Inner Tory’ has received on SoundCloud. There’s just something very addictive about the ska-flecked tune by Colour Me Wednesday; it’s socially apt and thoroughly danceable.

The DIY band don’t want to be signed and they love doing everything themselves – even the gardening. The delicate blend of sun-soaked ska, punk-influenced lyrics and Jennifer Doveton’s raw vocals is certainly alluring and to round it off; Jen’s sister Harriet provides the thrashy, indie guitar lines that inject energy while Sam Brackley’s drumwork encourages an involuntary twitch to its beat.

Colour Me Wednesday might just about be the coolest band out right now. The kind of band that you just want to hang out with all day and go on crazy adventures and talking how everybody is a commercial sell-out. Throughout history, bands and their music have rarely been this honest and your Wednesdays are suddenly a lot more interesting as a result.

We’ll be catching up with CMW soon so be sure to come back and find out some quirky facts about them.

Tory boy you can’t solve anything
We all know your hiding something
Tory boy money controls everything
But you’ll never have any real friends
I’ve heard your wet dreams
Dividing and conquering everything you see
Til it’s you and your mates running the country
You really think it will make you happy?