I started this blog with an undying love for single tracks; it adds focus and direction to the writing (think laser beam). But the inevitable move to EPs and LPs was…well…inevitable. So why would I pick out a single track from what is a wonderful album? Probably because it deserves to be singled out and partly because I’m still finding my feet amongst the glorious noise-rock sound that Deerhunter produce.

Firstly, it’s usually a good sign when a tune stretches past the six-minute mark. It’s allows the track to develop to its fullest – it’s refreshing when you come to the end of a tune and you wonder “how did we get here?” At first, you’re lulled by the melodic guitars and Bradford Cox’s delicate, affecting vocals. ‘Desire Lines’ really expresses itself at the halfway mark though. I’m not sure if it’s Colin Mee or Lockett Pundt but the way the guitar solo builds and stops and builds again is like somebody teasing their dog with food. But like the dog-teasing owner; the guitar gives in and it just makes the treat that much sweeter before fading away like it was all just a dream. Repeat!