This wonderfully atmospheric debut album from Stumbleine has been playing endlessly for a day or so now drenching my ears with serene soundscapes that pass by peacefully. The filtered vocals, the lulling synths and fractured beats have been the mainstay of Stumbleine’s EPs but in this rich LP, all the usual ingredients have been brought together to create a warm, dewy morning that has the promise of a care-free day to wistfully wheel away.

Stumbleine’s interpretation of Mazzy Star’s ‘Fade Into You’ fits into seamlessly while Steffaloo’s vocals capture the essence of the original accurately. Although the sound suits the rest of the album, the cover does offer listeners tempo break that ensures the second half of the album doesn’t get stale. Not that it should because you will probably still having the evocative sounds of ‘Solar Flares’ still buzzing around your head but if not, then the dynamic ‘Kaleidoscope’ with its intricate layering will be equally adept at sending you into an ethereal sonic bubble. The highlight though…probably the splendour of ‘The Corner Of Her Eye’,  it’s one of the most beautiful tracks of the year.

Spiderwebbed might not be the most striking debut album out this year (especially with the likes of Alt-J, Django Django and many more producing some excellent LPs) but it’s confident, maturely composed and encourages you to take a second and really listen – when was the last time you did that? Its unhurried nature and subtleties means it will probably slip under the radar of most but when the album does end, you will want it back immediately; forever trapped in its sun-glazed spiderwebs.