It’s 2013? Feels more or less the same; except I might be a little taller and I’m probably more wary of life than before. No matter, there are countless ways to seek escapism and you’re probably here to discover new tunes to do just that.

Gold Falls is the work of Oxford-based Ben Leftley. His wintry EP has flares of Gold Panda and Mount Kimbie about it but this EP really reminds me of Stumbleine. Both exude glo-fi tones from its foundations but whereas Stumbleine represents that high-flying blaze that showers us with warmth, Gold Falls is the low sunlight that could barely round the edges of a snowflake but provides a piercing glow for icy settings.

The EP might not immediately stand out from an ever-growing scene but there’s plenty to suggest that Ben has plenty of dream-weaving sounds ready for production. It’s a patient EP that drifts from track-to-track with barely a discernible gap in between. It’s particularly enjoyable to hear up-and-coming producers allow space for their sounds to occupy and dwell. In opener ‘Frost’, this leaves Ben more creative freedom to apply layers of texture without feeling rushed into it.

But if there was one track from the EP I’d recommend as a form of escapism from everyday rigours, then it would have to be slow-burner ‘Night Walk’. Just remember to shut your eyes because Gold Falls will provide all the imagery you need.