Sorry it’s been a while. I’ll make it up to you with a string of posts showered in gloriously immaculate soundscapes designed to help you escape the most rigorous of locks. I took the safe bet first. Gold Panda literally can do no wrong. The edgy intro contrasts strongly with the rest of the EP. In a way, it doesn’t really quite fit in but what follows is delightfully clean and crisp.

Essentially, it’s more of the same enchantment that many of his loyal fans will be familiar with; masterfully overlayed rhythm sections, well-timed melodies and enough texture to satisfy the most callous fingers. The self-titled track and patient and considered; be warned, it’ll want to fester between your drums.

But the lengthy ‘Burnt Out Car In A Forest’ is certainly the highlight. It’s extremely difficult to explain just how good this track is. There’s so much going on but you don’t feel like you’re being bombarded by a barrage of meaningless drones. The way it progresses too! It’s wonderfully organic helped no doubt by the peeling and application of layers packed with timbre. It sounds good in my headphones but it would be even better on the dance floor.

And like the mini-album it is, the serene ‘Casyam­_59#02’ brings your mood back to a stable, settled level where you can just sway in the magnificence of it all. On the dance floor, this would be the track Gold Panda might end the night with, when legs are weary and emotions have been expelled – I’ve always felt like Derwin looks after his fans. The soothing soundscape also finishes off the EP well. And that’s the only disappointment really, the fact that it is only an EP. But it’s ok, because we trust you Gold Panda. We always trust you to put out tracks that are so conscientiously considered, many artists would be ashamed with the lack of effort they put in.