Structures takes you by the hand and leads you into an ethereal highland that beckons you to bask in its splendour. As you gaze around the intro ‘Dreamt of’, you realize that nothing breaks the distant horizon where sky and land synergise like clasped hands. You might think this is an overextended and long-winded intro that’s simply getting you ready for the drop but do you honestly have a better place to be right now?

The title track isn’t quite as stunning but is still well-measured and beautifully textured. ‘Oceania’, on the other hand, is the epic journey you were looking for. With over seven minutes of play-time, there’s plenty of scope for progression and space to fill; Skywide & Perspective fill it with ease. The build-up is patient allowing you to soak up the glorious soundscape. But don’t lap it up like a thirsty dog; caress it, savouring every moment.

Its impact wouldn’t be as effective were it not for the fantastic production value. There are several filters and effects working at the same time so getting these to match would have been a difficult task. The mature composition also belies the age of these producers. Jacob Gomez (Skywide) and Martin Yang (Perspective) are only 14-years-old. If that seems incomprehensible to you, stick the EP on repeat and try again.