Anyone who’s had the discomfort of viewing my browsing habits has gawked at the sheer volume of tabs I have strewn about. Most of it is music, endless reams of SoundCloud and Bandcamp pages; sounds I say I’ll review…eventually. Well, it’s time for some Comfort Songs by Cloud.

Those three phrases alone pull me in like a sinkhole to the bottom of everything. Clouds are just about my favourite thing in the world – their woolly aesthetics, their wistful serenity, their free-flowing nature. And as someone who spends many hours gazing reflectively at those fluffy puffs of mystery, Cloud do well to represent their namesake.

I don’t really want to talk about this album extensively because you just need to listen to it. It’s charming, beautiful and full of off-key quirks. Something you can spend endless hours with pawing away at its intricate layers. Something you lie down to with a pair of headphones and the everlasting sky in sight.

But be prepared to explore the dense and gloomy cumulonimbus as well as wispy cirrus clouds. And quite often too, a pleasant placid sky can turn murky as evinced in the opener. Their manipulation of tone and timbre often leaves you with a sense of nostalgia for something you didn’t know you missed. And in that moment of clarity, Cloud suddenly become something more substantial than clouds. Suddenly, the weight of their sound forms your shadow.