That hyperbolic old cliché “eagerly anticipated” doesn’t seem to denote time longer than a year anymore. Fans of Patterns though, have waited nearly three years for a debut LP. With a delicate blend of anthemic indie-rock and smoky electronic textures, this is a soaring sound that will have you gazing over dreamy soundscapes.

‘This Haze’ will be the opener to their debut album Waking Lines released early January via Melodic Records. Some bands, perhaps under the pressure of their label, just plop any old tracks together to make an album. From the moment ‘This Haze’ opens with its distant drones and fuzzy textures, you realise that this isn’t just track 1. It’s the opening chapter of an epic journey.

Like the first leg of an enlightening trip through remote parts of the world you didn’t even know existed, the quartet leave you with a sense of excitement and eagerness to hear what lies ahead. Along with their focus on visual aesthetics at live shows; you can imagine a Patterns gig being fantastically illuminating.

Usually, bands tend to market their album with a sun-dappled peak but this shimmering haze of drone-pop is one of the most enticing album openers you’ll hear.