Sometimes, you will chance upon that sound that perfectly synergises with the emotions you currently feel. A moment you pine for in those lonely hours of the night. One that will captivate you until the sun is ready to light up the skies again.

And so it is, at the end of a long bank holiday weekend that Oh Rose provides the perfect soundtrack for weary minds and heavy hearts. That Do See Now EP revolves around the haunting melancholy of Olivia Rose’s vocals and the fuzzy instrumentals that surround it only enforce the sullen weight that drapes from every track.

‘Prom’ opens with guitars that turn seductively sludgy while Olivia rises above it with alluring affection. But Oh Rose is at their most luminescent with ‘Out Of Sight’ where the dark spaces allows the emotionally-charged track to breathe. But at this precise moment with these omnipotent sentiments swirling round my head, the forlorn sense of longing of ‘Into The Chorus’ captures the feelings perfectly. Not only that, but this eternal yearning hangs as still as night so you curiously gaze at it wondering what it is that you’re looking for.

In the naked dark of the night, you don’t always like what you see. But it’s in this vulnerability that Oh Rose appears most deviant, asking you to join them in a candid embrace.