Despite the abundance of bands and delightful sounds experienced over the Great Escape weekend, Phoria were, unsurprisingly, a particularly memorable highlight (amongst others). This week, we’re bringing you their latest track ‘Emanate’ which conjures a transcendent quality as if born from the core of a distant world or in the case of their gig at TGE, the foundations of St. Mary’s Church.

Brewed from their typically understated intros, ‘Emanate’ finds itself nestling in soothing textures punctuated by hand-clappy beats. Be patient however, and you’ll find yourself launched into a euphoric climax. Like most instances of euphoria, it’s short but that brief moment of bliss is enough to detach you from the present and on to a parallel timeframe.

Within the cavernous space of a church where the natural reverb heightened their sound even further, Phoria make truly spine-tingling music. Somewhere in the not-too-distant haze, a debut album is looming. Loom faster.