Ah, Dog In The Snow! The sadistic Brighton art-pop outfit love seeing us scrabble over their sparse releases. Last time, we had to wait seven months for the release of ‘Fire In The Sky’. It’s been over a year since that debut single but finally, a second single is imminent.

‘Fire In The Snow’ was dense and heavy but ‘Africa’ highlights a much more tender side to DITS. There’s still a haunting chill to their aesthetic though as Helen whispers:

Casting out the ghost we all know
It’s a sickness in the mind
It’s a sordid piece of gold

It’s a track you can really lose yourself in because the deeper the delve, the eerier it becomes. Sharps accents scratch between the layers while ominous drones dissipate in the background – it doesn’t fall too far short of spooky dissonance.

An EP is imminent, but like the sadists that they are, we’re going to be left hanging in unbearable anticipation hoping it won’t be too long now.

‘Africa’ will be released digitally on 22nd September 2014 via London-based Tidal Wave Sounds.