I know, I know! It’s been a while. But like old friends, I haven’t forgotten about this blank realm entirely. And actually, this blog will be re-branding and re-launching with an exciting (hopefully!) new concept soon. Anyway, enough with such trivialities! Pillars! (By the way, excessive and unnecessary use of brackets and exclamation marks are a sign that somebody hasn’t written in a while…)

Nine months after releasing the invitingly sparse ‘Attackers’, West London songwriter Pillars has unveiled only her second track ‘Woman Without Her Love’. It’s not quite as enigmatic as ‘Attackers’ but you still feel compelled to explore the barren soundscape guided by the spectral vocals. The track isn’t intimidating though – the wispy allure is enticing even if it is a little cold. But then again, tracks that conjure introspection often are.