There was a time when loud, brackish bands seemed to be pouring out of a wormhole and probably breaking the galactic ASBOs placed on them. You may think that Telegram’s debut album release has been drowned out by the three or so year since their inception and maybe it has. But once you sink your teeth in, you don’t care if the hype train has sped past.

‘Rule Number One’ kicks us off with a flurry of snares, cymbals and riffs. And then you realise something. If the band name didn’t give it away, the visual aesthetics will, and if you still haven’t got the gist yet then the aural aesthetics will most certainly give it away; Telegram are time travellers. Ok fine, maybe not but they certainly has the prowess to time travel you.

As you warp yourself along the album, you begin to realise that this isn’t just another loud band. ‘Telegramme and ‘Taffy Come Home’ highlights their penchant to slow things down where necessary but in a way that still exudes a saline taste. It’s rather exhilarating and in many ways, quite infectious.

Most bands similar to Telegram that spawned three years ago had plenty of energy and volume but it seemed to be conveyed in a directionless almost erratic way. Telegram not only convey their sound with purpose, but it’s almost urbane. Is that even possible for a band of this ilk?

I’m sure everyone knows someone who hates loud music or briny bands. They’ll say it’s inaccessible for the noise is too dissonant. But Telegram is the gateway band to all the other noisy stuff out there. But this mustn’t be mistaken as a stepping stone, more like a mentor.