You know it’s a sad life if you feel guilty when you discover a band you wish you’d known about earlier. But the guilt would turn to shame if I didn’t share such bands regardless. Yeah fine, I’m being dramatic and Peaness is the perfect remedy. No, not that but rather this quirky 3-piece Chester.

“Oh George” is their latest track – a satirical love song about George Osbourne. I’d hate to suggest that Peaness are derivative but this is certainly reminiscent of Colour Me Wednesday’s ‘Purge Your Inner Tory’ except less punky but instead, ironically jubilant. What’s so awesome about this is that they’ve taken that quintessential indie-pop formula of morose lyrics mixed with vibrant hooks. But where it’s usually applied to unrequited love, Peaness have applied it politics as they cry “You’ve lied to me and my family”.