It’s easy to call any band derivative these days. And as time rolls on, the temptation will become even easier. But as Jim Jarmusch would say ”Nothing is original.” Personally, I think it’s all about timing.

So how would you feel about Grieving if you grew up in the zenith of emo? Perhaps you’re too attached to those days and won’t let any new band give it go. Likely. Or maybe you’ve gone off saline bands and wished punky bands would just grow up a little!

Well, I certainly wouldn’t call Grieving ‘grown up’, whatever that means. But they’re polished, purposeful and composed and yes, I know that’s why many of you may detest this. But sometimes you just can’t resist anthemic hooks and a gruff croon. And when your memory of those days and the soundtrack that accompanied them is hazy, it’s nice to relive it again.