It’s been while since I’ve listened to anything this sludgy and boy do I miss it! Stubbornly titled bed., the Portland-based outfit is the brainchild of Alex Haager and Sierra Frost who bring us their five-track EP ahead of their full-length debut album and it’s a delectable taste of what’s to come.

Sludgy guitars are often synonymous with more grungy tunes but in EP opener ‘The Rule’, its lazy reverberations feel more at home for dozy Sunday afternoons when you’re still in bed…is it grungy to stay in bed longer than it’s socially acceptable? Regardless, it would be one-dimensional to consider this a grunge record as the dreamy lo-fi timbre in ‘Boys’ would be well-suited as a soundtrack to introspective night-time walks in the city although Alex does woozily ask if we can just stay inside.

Throughout the EP, they’ll be echoes of Honeyslide (remember them?) and the sludgy guitars are contrasted against Sierra and Alex’s dreamy indie-pop vocals. Bed. have self-confessed as a slow-fi band but it we were to flippantly pull a new genre out of the bag, you could equally call this dream-grunge. Quite frankly, we couldn’t care less which pigeon-hole you put this record in unless that pigeon-hole is your ears.