People often talk about the chills you feel on your skin when you hear something achingly beautiful. Scientists have even proclaimed that this rare phenomenon is reserved for people with ‘special brains’ – I bet this was the validation you were all waiting for…it was for me! But what about other emotions that music evokes, what about music that’s so infectious it gets inside your bones and blood and jolts you into an involuntary frenzy of flailing limbs.

That’s what Gaffa Tape Sandy’s latest whirlwind of guitar-laden licks did to me. It marries the intensity of hard-hitting indie-rock of the early 2000s with the brackishness of garage-rock that’s been coming out of Brighton recently. The result sounds as if GST have tamed the frantic energy of an actual beehive; dizzyingly intense yet they’ve managed to extract some honey along the way too.

And once the festering disease has contaminated you, don’t be surprised to find yourself spiralling out of control as the track swells into a cacophony just short of dissonance.


Produced by George Perks (SuperGlu), Gaffa Tape Sandy’s Beehive is released 20thOctober via Antigen Records